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Tuesday, 19 August 2014
So I've been putting off this post for a few days now, but that was only because I've only just calmed down.

The first three chapters of The Queen were so perfect and ahakugjerg I can't even begin to describe my feelings because after the end of The One (if you read the book then you'll know what I mean), I want this novella that much more.

Can we talk about that second epilogue and ***SPOILER ALERT*** how they are having a baby? I mean I knew that it was coming but when it did I freaked out. It was glorious.

THERE ARE GOING TO BE TWO MORE BOOKS IN THE SELECTION TRILOGY SERIES!!!!!! (Because we all know that it was originally going to be a trilogy but the entire fandom was like "WE NEED MORE BOOKS" and then Kiera Cass was probably like "I should just give them what they want.")

See you all tomorrow!

- Hearts And Crowns

THIS VIDEO IS EVRYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED FROM THE SERIES! (Besides wanting America to end up with Maxon and for Aspen to die or go away.)

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