Sunday, 14 September 2014
Ever run into those couples in books that from the moment they lock eyes know that they are destined to be together forever? I'm sure a lot of us have. That's instalove — or as I like to call it, an excuse that some authors use to drive their plot.

Here's the problem: instalove in about as unrealistic as it gets. That's not how it works in real life. Most of the time, those two people have known each other for a while before they decide to become a couple. 

If you're still confused about what instalove is, read Epic Reads's definition here, or just read this cheesy example I wrote for you all. I have a feeling that you're probably going to get bored at some point while reading this and skim the rest. Don't worry, I would too if I saw this in a novel. Hope you enjoy it.

On the first day of school, I walked down the crowded main hall without a choice since it was the only way for me to get to my Advanced Calculus class. As always, I could barely get through the masses clogging up the hallways.

Suddenly the crowds parted. And that's when I saw him walking in my direction with his friends. A cool breeze came out of nowhere and hit his face, fanning out his luscious hair. He looked like he could be a professional supermodel. 

Then his yellow-purple mysterious hybrid eyes met my boring brown ones and I just knew that we'd be together forever. We ran to each other, pushing people aside. Then we kissed, which felt like heaven.

The End

I'm not even going to bother edit that now because it's just awful. First, there is no plot (which is my fault), and second, it's not relatable at all. It's one thing to develop a crush on someone the first time you see them, and another to instantly fall in love.

So if you're ever writing any sort of work of fiction that involves a romance, please try to avoid this cliché under any circumstances. That is unless you would like me to skim over parts of your work. Seriously, I can wait for them to learn each other's names first.

See you all soon!

- Hearts And Crowns

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