Top Five Best Minor Characters

Monday, 8 September 2014
So I've been thinking about characters lately, mainly minor ones and how they influence the story. Here are some of my favourite minor characters in no particular order.

1. Nehemia Ytger (Throne of Glass)

Nehemia is a strong-willed character that knows what she wants and will fight for it. Though she made some possibly wrong choices, she helped guide Celaena in the right direction.

2. Marlee Tames (The Selection)

Quite possibly one of the sweetest characters ever, Marlee is just so much fun to read and she brings out the best in America.

3. Harvey Maldoon (Taken)

I just liked him as a character and found his fate meaningful and well thought out.

4. Rebecca Baxter (Gallagher Girls)

Bex is basically the one of the most kick-butt characters I have ever read. While Cammie blends in, she stands out and is not afraid to be herself.

5. Macey McHenry (Gallagher Girls)

I love her I may be rich but that doesn't mean I'm not just as smart as the rest of you attitude. She's also excellent in Double Crossed (The Novella).

Hope you all liked that! Who are some of your favourite minor characters? See you all soon!

- Hearts And Crowns

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