How To Pick Which Book To Read Next

Thursday, 27 November 2014
Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

Is your to-be-read pile huge and intimidating? Do you ever wonder which book to read next from that massive list?

I can help. (Trust me, I've been tackling this problem for years.)

First, I highly recommend you check out my review and recommendation pages where I provide even more excellent advice on which book you should read next.

I also recommend subscribing to my feed (to your right on the sidebar you'll see where you can enter your email (which I will never sell or use to spam you, I promise)) so you never miss another helpful recommendation or review. (I'm actually being serious. You'd be surprised what reading and exploring my blog can do.)

Also, take a look at what you've currently got sitting on your shelves. Remember that book you bought two months ago that you were excited to read but never picked up? Go read that book. Why? Because it's something you're almost positive you'll enjoy reading. Don't go out and buy another book. It will only stress you out when you come home and see those unread books on your shelves.

Even your TBR pile. So don't grow it. Shrink it.

One last thing for the fellow book bloggers, try not to request every single ARC in the world. It helps since you do actually have to read them.

Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and I'll see you all tomorrow with this week's Weekly Round-Up!

- Hearts And Crowns

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