Q&A with Leah Ward, Author of Pinny the Bowling Pin

Sunday, 9 November 2014
Hello Fellow Bookish People Of The Internet.

In case you don't remember, I published a review for this book called Pinny the Bowling Pin a while back (review here: http://heartscrowns.blogspot.com/2014/11/review-of-pinny-bowling-pin.html) and even though I didn't like the book and don't recommend it, I had still done a Q&A with the author, Leah Ward beforehand and figured that maybe you all would be interested in reading it.

H&C: What inspired you to write Pinny?

LW: Pinny was actually created because of how bad I bowled one day. I thought to myself that this seriously cannot be an operator error, it just had to be the pins! And then, as the light bulb lit above my head, I thought 'what if there was a pin that simply couldn't fall? That it just stunk at being a bowling pin?' And BAM! Pinny was created, and his overcoming tale!

H&C: What made you want to become an author?

LW: All throughout high school I read authors like Sandra Brown and thought to myself how cool it was to complete something so massive. To have others reading your story and imagining themselves in the world you created. So I knew I wanted to do the same. I started off with a poetry collection because that was what I loved to write at the time. People responded well and really enjoyed the fact that I was pushing to be a writer. With Searching for Darkness, my first Young Adult novel, people really became interested. Finally, I was learning my purpose, to be a writer. Now I'm on to a children's book! This was probably my favorite to write, only because I love picture books, and I love how children respond with such innocence and joy!

H&C: How does your work differ from others of its genre?

LW: I would say that my work differs because of the concept behind the story. With Pinny, I made the story well rounded. I wanted it to really touch, really teach children rather than just being a simple story with pretty pictures. I wanted it to be different and make an impact.

H&C: How does your writing process work? (Do you plot your book first, or do you just write?)

LW: I normally come up with a vague storyline in my head, and I'll jot it down. From there I will try to make more details throughout the plot, create additional characters, etc. After that I just write, and keep writing until I reach the end of the story. Sometimes the ends meet, and sometimes I have to rewrite a part or go back and fix the loose ends.

There you have it. The Q&A that was supposed to go up during my stop of the blog tour. I really hope you liked it!

See you all soon,

- Hearts And Crowns

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