The 100 Season Two Midseason Finale Discussion

Tuesday, 23 December 2014
Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

Welcome to another Ten Day Blog-A-Thon 2014 post! Today we'll be discussing that midseason finale of The 100 that left everyone either pleased or angry.


Well, that was a long way to say do not read this unless you would like to be spoiled.

Dear Finn, 

I'm so glad that you're gone. Though I have to ask, what took you so long? After you killed that village, I knew there was no way you could be let off the hook. You took innocent lives and as the saying goes, "Blood will have blood". 

And should you magically come back from the dead, remember this: Clarke was not and will never be your girlfriend.

And if you do...

Yours Truly,

All the people who want Bellarke to happen (including me)

I had been looking forward to Finn's death for several episodes now and was growing impatient while watching the episode, waiting for the moment. I had also thought for a second there that the writers had decided not to kill off Finn. But they thankfully hadn't.

I cannot imagine how awful having Finn in the rest of the show would have been. He was getting way to close with Clarke and if he had lived, probably become her boyfriend.

So props to the writers for doing the right thing and ending the episode like that.

I also wanted to mention that my initial theories about this season were way off. Like way off. Like off-the-cliff-and-heading-straight-for-the-ground off.

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See you all soon!

- Hearts And Crowns

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