My 2015 Book Challenge

Wednesday, 7 January 2015
Hello Book Lovers,

Recently a lot of people have set reading challenges for themselves whether it be the Goodreads challenge where you set the number of books you want to read in 2015, a debut author challenge to read as many 2015 debut novels as possible, a genre-type challenge to see how many books in that genre they can read, etc. and I want to set up my own on top of my Goodreads challenge.

I have decided that I would like to challenge myself to accomplish the following in the year 2015:

1. Read a complete series that is highly recommended. This can be a duology, a trilogy, a quartet, or any other type of series so long as someone has highly recommended it to me.

2. Read a DRC and review it here on my blog. For those of you who don't know, a DRC is a digital reading copy/e-ARC and I'm pretty good at neglecting them for the physical books on my shelves or anything new that comes in the mail so I'm trying to make an effort to review more of them.

3. Read a book as soon as you get it. I love when you get a book and it never reaches your shelves before you've read it so I'm going to do that this year.

4. Complete my Goodreads challenge. Currently it's set at 20 books, but I will most likely have to increase it to something bigger.

5. Listen to an audiobook. I think audiobooks are great and I hope to listen to more of them this year.

These are my goals right now and I might add some more in the year if I finish all of these early on.

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See you all soon!

- Hearts And Crowns

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