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Sunday, 11 January 2015
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I have a review for you all today and I hope you all enjoy it!

Book:  Knightley and Son
Author: Rohan Gavin
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genre: Middle Grade, Mystery

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Summary: The once highly in-demand detective Alan Knightley has just woken up after an unexplained incident kept him asleep for four years. While he was out cold, his son, Darkus, took it upon himself to read of all his dad's old cases, and he's learned a lot about the art of detection. It's a good thing too-because suddenly the duo find themselves caught up in a crazy conspiracy that involves a group of villainous masterminds (who keep appearing and then vanishing), some high-speed car chases (that will have everyone fastening their seat belts), and a national, bestselling book with the power to make people do terrible, terrible things. But because Alan is still suffering the effects of his coma, he tends to, well, fall asleep at the worst possible moments, Meaning that young Darkus might just have to solve this mystery . . . by himself.

Review: This book is definitely quirky in a good way. And no, it is not a Sherlock Holmes wannabe (thought it does have Sherlock Holmes-like elements).

It was cute in a middle grade book kind of way where its target audience would love it. However, I don't believe I fall under that category so this book was a small let down in a way. The thing was, it was written like the author had constantly had his intended audience in mind and sort of forgot about anyone else who might have picked up the book.

Thankfully though, I found that the writing didn't take away that much from the plot line and that sometimes everyone needs something a little bit simpler.

With an exciting premise and quirky characters (because there is truly no better word to describe them), Knightley and Son is perfect for younger fans of Sherlock Holmes.

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***Disclaimer: I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads program. However, this has had no affect on my review whatsoever.

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