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Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

Over the weekend, my friend Jaimie (who is also a blogger/fellow ROWAN and CAL fan club member and you should go check out her blog: and I went to go see Seventh Son despite the fact that neither of us had read the book. Being the fantasy nerds that we are, seeing some fantastical creatures, Ben Barnes (Oh Prince Caspian *swoons*), and Kit Harington (who was only in the movie for the first few minutes but I'll take what I can get) all in one movie is SPOOKtacular. (See what I did there? Because the movie has Spooks in it.)

Enough of my lame jokes. Before you begin reading my thoughts on the movie, I just wanted to put in a little disclaimer saying that I am a book blogger. I review books. Books are my specialty, not movies. I might do the occasional movie review, but I have no real experience reviewing them. (Seriously, I'm usually like "It was good" or "It sucked" and that's it.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm not a professional movie reviewer. 

And that I am entitled to my opinions. Whether or not you agree with them is up to you. Just don't troll in the comments please.

The formatting of this review will be weird. I apologize in advance. (Why can't movies be more like books?)


Review: Between the epic fight scenes, Ben's and Kit's perfect hair, and the dragons (I'm a sucker for dragons), Seventh Son is a brilliant fantasy movie that will surely please lovers of the genre. (That last part sounded so professional. I'm impressed with my ability to not sound like I have no idea how to word my thoughts.)

Though it is not like the book (from what I've heard because I wouldn't know. Thirteen books is a commitment I'm not willing to make with this series.), it was an excellent movie (unlike Percy Jackson which was both a terrible adaptation and movie).

The only major problem I had with the movie was the lack of Kit Harington. I think that he had so much more to offer the film and him and Ben should've been kicking Mother Malkin butt together. (Men with swords/bows and arrows are some of my favourite parts in fantasy books/movies (think ROWAN WHITETHORN from Heir of Fire).)

Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore were both good in the film, though I preferred Ben and Kit and the kissing wasn't great (I was a little jealous) but this film is definitely worth watching if you like fantasy at all.

And if you don't, go read the Throne of Glass series and come back.

Or you can just watch the movie and enjoy the stunning sets and dragons like me.

(Jaimie, if you're reading this, it really is like one of our conversations.)

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See you all soon!

- Hearts And Crowns

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