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Tuesday, 23 June 2015
Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

Today is my stop of the Strange and Ever After Paperback Blog Tour hosted by the Deadly Truthwitch Clan. So I figured there was no better post to do than a playlist. (Because why not, right?)

Also, the paperback of Strange and Ever After goes on sale TODAY! (Congratulations, Sooz, if you're reading this!)

You can buy it here:
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Anyway, on to the blog post. 

Sunday, June 21st:

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Playlist Time

1) This song from Dark Shadows. It gives me the creeps but it's perfect.

2) Nights in White Satin. Something about this reminds me SS&D. I think it's the music. 

3) Prologue from Dark Shadows. I promise this whole playlist isn't just me talking about how the soundtrack of Dark Shadows is amazing. 

4) Destroyer. 

5) The Game of Thrones theme song. To be fair, I associate it with every book no matter the genre because it is epic because I really like it.

I hope you all like my playlist and don't completely disagree with it. (Sorry if you do, so let's agree to disagree nicely.)

Don't forget to check out everyone's blog posts for the tour and to buy your copy of Strange and Ever After! (Think how nice the series will look in paperback when it all matches.)

Thank you to Clan Leader Empress Sooz and my fellow DTC members for letting me do this! *points everywhere* It was a lot of fun!

You can also enter the giveaway we're hosting! (international)

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See you all soon!

- Liran


  1. Great playlist, Liran! I love the Dark Shadows song especially. They have that sort of dark, old-timey feel that works perfectly for SS&D.

    Sarcasm & Lemons

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely ADORE the Dark Shadows songs and think they go very well with the SS&D series!


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