A Camp NaNoWriMo Update

Thursday, 23 July 2015
Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

Goodness, July has been a busy month. (Like, 'I'm drowning in a hole' kind of busy.)

And so I've been off the Twitter. (But I will go back on to post the link of this over there because blog promotion on social media makes a HUGE difference.)


I know.

It's been hard, but I don't need to worry about everything that's going on in the bookish community when CAMP NANOWRIMO ENDS IN EIGHT DAYS.




So you all remember when I was like "I'm going to get writer's block at 2k anyway" and then I reached 2k and didn't get writer's block? Well, now I'm at 15k (as I'm writing this, I sit at 15,298 words) and I kind of have everything crossed that I'll reach 20k.

But let's not forget:

  • All my words suck.
  • I will only have 20k at the end of this.
  • Nothing happens whether I win or lose Camp NaNo.
  • It's the experience that counts.
  • I've written more consistently this month than probably ever before.
  • I have read like zero books over the past few weeks. (Will remedy that in August.)
  • I have awesome people cheering me on. (I'm looking at cabin mates and everyone on Twitter and Erin Bowman who provides some amazing advice whenever you think you're going to go burn your WIP in your backyard.)
And that was a list of everything I have learned this month (writing wise). Hopefully you found that information useful. *insert me giving you two thumbs up and a closed-lipped smile/being my awkward self*

So good luck whether you're doing Camp NaNo or anything exciting and just need someone to root for you.

See you all soon!


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