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Wednesday, 5 August 2015
Hello Fellow Book Lovers,

I think it's time we talked about it. I never update Goodreads. EVER. Like, unless I want to add a book to my TBR pile, I'm never on there.

Now as much as I enjoy using Goodreads to keep track of my friends' current reads so I can bug them later to tell me whether or not I should read it, I (along with a fair amount people in this world) have specific issues with Goodreads.

1) Why can't I have a shared bookshelf with someone in which both people can add to it? Like, how cool would it be to have a bookshelf of all the 2016 releases that both you and your friend are excited for and instead of having two separate bookshelves (because really, you're probably both excited for the same books), you can just have one bookshelf you can both add to. Also, say you want to have a joined bookshelf with multiple people without creating a group (which requires a decent amount of work when you just want to be able to have a list of books you all want to read). Personally, I prefer to just DM someone on Twitter my thoughts or have a conversation with them via Facebooks, SMS, etc. because it's a bit more instant and I just don't love the Goodreads group format.

2) I don't remember to update my status on Goodreads after I've read a bunch. Generally, if I have thoughts after I read something, I go freak out to someone specific, Twitter, or I don't say anything. On Goodreads, I just feel like no one is reading what I have to say and therefore, I won't end up discussing the book with anyone and my thoughts will forever go unnoticed.

3) As much as I enjoy connecting with people on there, it is a pretty silent social media website. What I mean by that is you see people's updates and they almost all look the same, so I never actually go through my feed and read it. It all feels very generic and boring.

4) Why is there a friend limit? LET ME BE FRIENDS WITH ALL THE AUTHORS.

I think that's generally it. If you want to add me over there, I'm at Or you can just check out the last time I updated anything.

See you all soon!

- Liran

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