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Saturday, 12 September 2015
Guuyyyyyyyssss (and girls but you know that I mean all of you), guess what?

1) Twitter balloons are better than real balloons.

2) My preorder of Queen of Shadows came. (YYYYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS because I refused to shut up about how much I needed it and now it's in my hands.)

3) Halsey is my new "jam". 

4) I'm waiting for a Halsey/Twenty One Pilots colab. 

5) I'm doing something secret today. Sorry. I'm GOING somewhere secret today. And...

I want to take you all with me...via Twitter. (I recommend following me @EmpressLiran.)

6) My tweets have gotten funnier. (Who knew that was even possible???)

7) I PROMISE I'M WORKING ON MY "THE CONSPIRACY OF US" REVIEW. Just got to format it + add pictures of Notre Dame. 

Lol because "add pictures of our lady" sounds wrong and weird and I'm going to be quiet now.

Moving on...

8) Scandal is now on Netflix and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ALL GO WATCH IT. 

9) So. Much. Work.

Is that it??? I think it is. 

Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh. 

I might (keyword: might) do a Twitter chat. Maybe. I don't know. We'll see...


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