Review of The Conspiracy of Us

Friday, 9 October 2015
Here we have a prime example of a book I should have read sooner. (I have no excuse because I knew about it before it came out.)

Book: The Conspiracy of Us

Author: Maggie Hall

Publisher: Penguin

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult, Adventure, Romance

Rating: 10000000000000/5 Stars (It's a new favourite of mine.)

Summary: A fast-paced international escapade, laced with adrenaline, glamour, and romance--perfect for fans of Ally Carter

Avery West's newfound family can shut down Prada when they want to shop in peace, and can just as easily order a bombing when they want to start a war. Part of a powerful and dangerous secret society called the Circle, they believe Avery is the key to an ancient prophecy. Some want to use her as a pawn. Some want her dead.

To unravel the mystery putting her life in danger, Avery must follow a trail of clues from the monuments of Paris to the back alleys of Istanbul with two boys who work for the Circle—beautiful, volatile Stellan and mysterious, magnetic Jack. But as the clues expose a stunning conspiracy that might plunge the world into World War 3, she discovers that both boys are hiding secrets of their own. Now she will have to choose not only between freedom and family--but between the boy who might help her save the world, and the one she's falling in love with.

Review: My heart. Oh, MY JACK AND STELLAN LOVING HEART. me, but how have you not read this book yet? And if you have, how have you survived the wait for Map of Fates?

Warning: This book is filled with amazing descriptions of Paris and Istanbul, and may cause you to look through photos of your vacation to Paris that you took in March.

Oh look, here they are!

So I have a few reasons why you should read this book. In no particular order:

1) Jack.

2) Stellan.

3) Avery is a great protagonist who doesn't rely on men to save her, but knows when she needs help.

4) THE LOCATIONS. AHHHHH!!! I have never wanted to go back to Europe so much before.

5) Maggie Hall is a phenomenal writer. She sucks you in and never lets you go until you're done the book and begging for more.

6) The boys. (Cue fangirling.)

7) The plot is action packed and fast paced in addition to being incredibly interesting and intriguing.

8) "WELL I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING." - Me on the end. (You're going to want to read this if only to understand what I didn't see coming.)

9) Stellan was so cute and the Russian nickname for Avery was just so awwwwwwww!!!!


Basically, you need this book. I don't care who you are, what kind of books you like to read, YOU. NEED. THIS. BOOK.

Trust me, you need to read this book.

Now excuse me while I go beg Maggie for the sequel.


  1. Ok, so what you are telling me is that I need this book? ;) ;)
    Before I started blogging I was super interested in picking this one up. I guess I sort of forget about it along the way. I didn't realize that it takes place in so many awesome locations.

    Sarah @ The Reading Petal

    1. You are going to LOVE it! My only regret is not picking it up sooner! (I, like you knew about this book ages ago.)

  2. I have been meaning to read this book, but kind of forgot about it... Thanks for bringing it back into my radar, Liran! I am really excited and hopefully will pick it up soon :)


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