What I Didn't Know About Blogging Part Three

Thursday, 1 October 2015

So my first post on this was getting long. Hence why you're getting a part three.

There are so, so, so many things I didn't know about before I started blogging. I was hoping to cover graphics today because that's something I'm fairly new to as well and I just thought I would share any wisdom that I have on the matter.


What are graphics?

You see that picture at the top of this post? The one that says what this post is about with that cute little tagline and the roses? That's a graphic. Also, these:

Why are they important?

GRAPHICS ARE NOT MANDATORY. But they sure do help inform people about a specific series or something very easily.

What makes for a good graphic?

You got me on this one. The truth is, it really depends. What are you going for? Something fancy or something simple? What designs do you want on it?

But there are universal points. A good graphic is:

  • readable
  • clean
  • eye-catching
  • memorable enough so that people can associate it with something
And that's about all I can think of.

How does one make a graphic?

You picked the wrong person to ask because I can't photoshop. I just can't. But there are other tools besides photoshop.
I personally like piZap and Polyvore the best, but use whatever works for you.

Join me next time as we cover all the other things that I wish I'd known before I started blogging.

(Also, if any other bloggers want to do a guest post about this, fill out this handy form please: http://goo.gl/forms/ukHU6cfggI)

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