What Liran's Listening To #1

Sunday, 24 April 2016

I don't actually know if I'm ever going to do this again but whatever. I just want to recommend/just share what songs I'm listening to at the moment. I'm sure there's already something like this so sorry!!!!!!!! But everyone's taste in music is different, right? (Also sorry if I ever do this again and songs overlap. Even though I think it'll be cool to see what songs I've come back to.)

I'm going to try to make Spotify playlists for each of these so you can all go listen to the songs. And maybe include which songs I recommend and which ones I'm listening to because they're simply mind-numbing bops. (I still recommend them but more so as mind-numbing, catchy bops.)

Also sorry for the bad explanations. I'm pretty unoriginal and have a hard time explaining why I like/dislike something.

So without further ado, the playlist:

Songs I Recommend:

- Be Alright // Ariana Grande (Initially I wasn't completely sold on this and while it's lyrics are still pretty basic, it's a pretty solid pop song.)
- FOOLS // Troye Sivan (Not the first time this song has been on repeat and certainly won't be the last time. Tied for favourite song of the week.)
- All Hands on Deck // Tinashe (I'm currently in the process of trying to get into Tinashe and I'm quite liking this song.)
- UGH! // The 1975 (Everything about this song "slays my existence." Tied for favourite of the week.)
- Mess Around // Cage the Elephant (Cage the Elephant came recommended by Shelly from Read.Sleep.Repeat. and they are phenomenal. I'm really digging Mess Around right now.)
- Dreamlover // Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey is really great and while this song is the oldest on the list, it's still amazing.)

Mind-Numbing Bops:

- Cheap Thrills // Sia (Catchy beat and generic lyrics = light-hearted pop song.)
- 7 Years // Lukas Graham (While the lyrics are not so generic, I almost feel as if I've heard this song before. It also won't likely be a song I come back to.)
- Be My Baby // Ariana Grande feat. Cashmere Cat (She struggles with enunciation so I can't make out all the words, but it's still a catchy song.) 
- Worth It // Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink (Generic lyrics, catchy hook, and formulaic having-a-rapper-feature-on-the-track-to-help-get-rid-of-their-good-girl-image. It's basic bubblegum pop that just makes you feel good and want to dance. You could listen to the instrumental and it wouldn't make a difference because the lyrics are just that generic. I'm only here for that hook.)

I hope you all enjoyed that. Want songs are you currently loving and are there any you would recommend to me?


  1. CAGE THE ELEPHANT YAS! Also Troye is an amazing artist! I totally agree with your descriptions for Mind Numbing Bops - generic, catchy, (7 Years = snooze fest), dancy, etc. Not REAL music. Like Twenty One Pilots once said, "The songs on the radio are okay // But my taste in music is your face." << BASICALLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS :)

    1. Yes yes yes!!! Love Tear In My Heart!!! And I'm really loving Cage the Elephant a lot!!!


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