What Liran's Listening To #2

Friday, 29 April 2016

I'm doing another one of these because I genuinely enjoyed the last one and I want to share more music with the rest of you. Here's this week's playlist!

These songs are actually all ones that I'd recommend. Wasn't really in the mind-numbing bops mood this week. 💁💁💁

Songs I Recommend:

- Daddy Issues // The Neighbourhood (I love The NBHD and this track really grew on me. It's also very relaxing to listen to.)
- Cornerstone // Arctic Monkeys (I just really like this song and the music video is A+. 💁💁💁)
- Body Talk // Foxes (I loved Foxes's first album and finally had time to check out her newer stuff. It's still really good in my opinion. Especially this track.)
- Colors - Stripped // Halsey (I love the stripped and original versions of this song. I particularly like the new bridge in the stripped version and it really stuck with me.)
- Polarize // Twenty One Pilots (My fav TØP song. No further explanation needed.)
- Cough Syrup - The Voice Performance // Melanie Martinez (I love Mel and I think her cover of this song is great.)
- Heartbreaker // Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z (This song has been stuck in my head, and the music video for this song is also A+++.) 

(Side note: I seriously doubt Mariah is Becky With the Good Hair (I know no one is thinking that but the video for Heartbreaker is about a guy cheating on his girl but it's older), and I haven't watched Lemonade yet but I want to soon!) 

I hope you all enjoyed finding out what songs I'm currently listening to and discovered some new ones that you like. :)


  1. I pretty much live for anything Halsey so I must listen to this stripped down version. Her voice is just so wonderful!

    1. I love Halsey's stuff!!! The bridge of the stripped down version of Colors is so good and super poetic!!! I hope you like it!!! :)

  2. OH. MY GOD. YOU HAVE THE SAME MUSIC TASTE AS ME! Halsey is my queen, and the stripped down version's bridge has me hooked! I also really like the NBHD! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous! <3

    1. Yyyyyyyeeeesssss!!!!!! I love the new bridge (maybe even more than the old one)!!! It just really resonated with me. And thank you!!! Claudia from http://penmarkings.com designed my blog and I'm also in love with it!!!


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