ACOTAR/ACOMAF Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, 29 September 2016
Guess what? I'm back at it again with the bad makeup tutorials. Sorry but if you didn't like the first one, feel free to click off this one. I won't be offended. Promise. 

Now onto the real stuff. 

I love the ACOTAR trilogy, and when I polled you all on Twitter, the majority said they wanted to see a makeup tutorial inspired by it. 

Here are the covers. 

And here's what your face will look like when you're done. 

Just kidding. You can see what it'll look like when we're done. 

What you'll need is a glitter pale pink eyeshadow, a red eyeshadow, a white eyeshadow, a dark blue glittery eyeshadow, a glittery black eyeshadow, a glittery silver eyeshadow, black eyeliner, green eyeliner, mascara, blush, highlighter, red lipstick, a random lipstick, lipgloss of any colour that you want, foundation, concealer, and primer (optional). 

Let's begin! 

For the ACOTAR Side:

1) Start off with foundation, and concealer. And add primer to your eyes if you want. 


2) Pick which side is your ACOTAR side and put that pink glittery eyeshadow all over that lid. 

3) Then put the red eyeshadow in your crease. 

4) And use white eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone. 

5) Put on the black eyeliner the way you normally do. 

6) Put the green eyeliner on top of the black liner. This is just for aesthetic purposes. 

7) Apply blush and highlight wherever you usually put them. Avoid contour because you want to look like you have fuller cheeks. Only do the one half of your face. 

8) Now for the fun part. Draw thorns and roses wherever you want on your face because you can. (Or something that resembles flowers because lol I can't draw.)

9) Apply red lipstick to half of your lips. Put lipgloss overtop of it. 

And now you're done this half. 

For the ACOMAF Side:

Because we all love Rhys and want to live in the Night Court (I'm still waiting for Rhys to winnow in and take me there), this side is inspired by stars and a holiday I can't mention because of spoilers. 

1) Put that blue glittery eyeshadow all over your lid. 

2) Apply the black glittery eyeshadow in your crease. 

(Because glitters are like tiny stars and I just want them all over my eyelids.)

3) Apply silver glittery eyeshadow to the center of the lid. 

4) Apply white eyeshadow to the brow bone and inner corner. 

5) Put on some black eyeliner. 

6) Once it's dry (very important that it's dry), lightly pat some of the blue eyeshadow over it to tint it that colour. 

7) Draw stars around your eye with black eyeliner. Don't worry if they're not perfect. 

8) Remember that tint thing I just mentioned? Take that same dark blue glittery eyeshadow and pat it over the stars. It's okay to be a bit messy because you want to connect them as well to create a ring of stars. 

9) Pat some of the silver glittery eyeshadow to the center of each star to make it shine even more. 

10) Highlight and contour your face using the silver glittery eyeshadow as highlighter and the black glittery eyeshadow as contour. (Remember that glitter = stars and the more stars on your face, the easier it'll be for Rhys to see you when he looks into the night sky because you'll shine so bright.) 

11) Use some of that random lipstick on the second half of your lips. Then take the black glittery eyeshadow and pat it on top of that because you can. (Or you can use black lipstick.)

12) Apply mascara to both of your eyes. (Because having powder in your lashes is the worst.)

And now your makeup look is complete!!! 

Hope you liked this makeup tutorial because I know it's the most unhelpful thing ever and no one's ever actually going to try to recreate this look. Whatever. Halloween (aka my favourite holiday) is coming up soon so no one can say they don't have a costume because you can just do this to your face and you'll be good to go. 

Seriously though, I hope you liked this tutorial and I will see you all next time when I actually figure out how to make a wearable tutorial that actually looks nice.

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