Books To Boycott: A List of Books That Are Problematic

Monday, 21 November 2016
So I don't care. If you want to support these problematic books, stop and reevaluate your values please. Keep your privilege in check, and use it to speak out against those who wish to oppress minorities.

And if your book made this list, please don't start any drama. I won't be supporting your books, and you'll only make things worse.

The Continent by Kiera Drake

Drake can't even apologize for the racism in her book without throwing her sensitivity readers under the bus. For those of you who missed what happened, Drake got called out on her book (in which she calls the civilization of the Topi people who just so happen to look a lot like Native Americans "uncivilized" and "savage") and things got ugly. And the other civilization? Basically Japanese, only misrepresented. 

And then after getting called out, she says she had sensitivity readers look over her work, and really only apologized because her publicist probably told her to. She came off as insincere, and didn't take enough responsibility.

Yes, I am aware Harlequin pushed it back, but I don't care. It should be pulled completely. If she can't even fully own up to her mistakes, why should we give her book a second chance? 

All of Michael Grant's Books

I'm sorry. Take your able-bodied privilege and gross behaviour elsewhere.

I'm done. Never reading another one of his books again. 

Summer on Earth by Peter Thompson

Oh look. Another racist white guy. If you can't see how Thompson is LITERALLY ALIENATING AFRICAN AMERICANS FROM SOCIETY, I can't talk to you anymore. It's disgusting that a publisher cannot see this book as blatantly racist and problematic. I'm sure the MC is white, and basically saying African Americans are foreign and making them the aliens is despicable. African Americans are people too, and deserve to be properly represented. 

And the fact that this is middle grade makes it even worse. Spoon-feeding them racism and hatred is disgusting and Thompson should be ashamed of his book. 

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom

How dare you belittle young adult and the amount of talent required to write it, and expect your young adult book to fly off the shelves?! You're a white male whose book follows some basic formula you think is required to produce a bestseller, and I wouldn't be surprised if The Cruelty lacks proper diverse representation. 

Bergstrom is just another problematic white male author. We have enough of those already (see Michael Grant). Do not support him or his book please. Make it flop so hard, he'll wish he kept his mouth shut.

Also, teens are not dumb, so you don't need to dumb down your books. I have yet to meet a teen who couldn't handle The Hunger Games. Teens don't need your book.


All of Tommy Wallach's Books

Here we have an author that joked about suicide.




Suicide is not a joke, and has taken and affected more lives than he will ever know. It's not something to joke about.

And you certainly do not let you mom defend your suicide joke because 1) Take responsibility for your actions and 2) You're a grown man. Don't drag your mom into this.

And you do not threaten to sue anyone who calls you out on your suicide joke that's NOT FUNNY AT ALL AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS.

And all this other crap that includes racism, trying to force atheism onto others (extremism isn't okay and if he were a muslim trying to force his religion onto others, he'd be called a terrorist), and just general problematic stuff.

And in case you want a full explanation of what happened, here's the link to a brilliant article written by V. E. Schwab (who writes excellent books by the way):

These Racist Abrams Kids Picture Books

These are racist and xenophobic and they make me want to throw up. This is what I mean. Stay away from this book.

And then they tried to play the racism off as a problem with censorship. Absolutely. Despicable. 

For the booksellers and librarians reading this list, please do not order these books for your store or library, and promote diverse books like The Girl From Everywhere, Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda, The Hate U Give, The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, History Is All You Left Me, The Sun Is Also a Star, The Love Interest, When Dimple Met Rishi, Dear Martin, or just about any diverse book that does a good, proper job of representing minorities. 

And for those who aren't, go request these books!! Let the publishing industry know you like diversity, and want more of it with your money!!! 

The Thousandth Floor Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Friday, 11 November 2016
So to distract me from the horrible past few weeks I've been having (don't ask), I thought I would blog because I like blogging and it makes me happy. 

Here's another one of my "makeup tutorials" (lol because 1) I can't makeup and 2) my "tutorials" are the most unhelpful thing). This time I thought I would do one for The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee because cover goals. 

What You'll Need:
- Matte black eyeshadow
- Matte brown eyeshadow/transition shade colour
- Gold eyeshadow
- Eyeliner
- Brushes
- Concealer 
- Foundation
- Blush
- Highlighter
- Nude-ish Lipstick 
- Mascara
- Primer if your fancy unlike me and want your makeup to last (I'm lazy so...)
- Brow stuff (I don't fill in my naturally bushy brows but I know some people do and their eyebrow game is always strong) 

How To Do the Makeup:
1) Do your regular makeup routine you usually do before you do the fun stuff. (Please ignore my ugliness.)

2) Eye time! Apply a matte medium brown (or any transition colour you usually use) to your crease and blend. (I just do this because the people who know how to do makeup said to.)

3) Apply the matte black shadow to your crease and blind the intensity to the desired opacity. Then blend because harsh lines. 

4) Apply concealer to your lids to "cut your crease" and basically make that gold pop. 

5) Put that shiny gold stuff on your eyelids in a patting motion to really pack the product on. 

6) Fancy eyeliner time. Draw a line in your crease and blend it out. Then do your regular eyeliner and connect it to the first line. Then take the liner under the eyes and blend using the black eyeshadow. 

7) Apply mascara. 

8) Highlight the inner corners and brow bone using your highlighter. 

9) Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. 

10) STROBING TIME!! Okay so strobing is basically highlighting to the extreme. So take your highlighter and put it on the high points of your cheeks, on the tip of your nose, in the center of your forehead, on the center of your chin, above the arch of your eyebrows, and on your Cupid's bow. 

11) Apply any nude lipstick of your choice. 

12) This step is optional. Take some of that highlighter and put it on the center of your lips for that extra glowing effect. 

Ta da!! You're done!!!

If you liked it, you can recreate it or share it or don't do anything and just admire it. I hope you all like this and I hope it distracted you a bit from all the awful things going on in the world right now. 

My Post-Election Thoughts

Thursday, 10 November 2016
I'm Canadian. I know. I bet you're thinking "why is she so worried right now? She's got Trudeau and it's not like Trump is running her country."

But it's not that simple.

First of all, I have mutuals on Twitter who live in the states who are scared right now. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that the suicide call centre was busy Tuesday night because of who was elected. It is insanely disheartening to know people are scared of their new president because that's wrong. Trump is about to set America back hundreds of years socially and there is nothing I can do about it. I can't help my friends over there who are worried for their lives because they are PoC, WoC, LGBTQ+, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, Hispanic, disabled, a woman, or any other minority, and I'm worried for them.

Secondly, there are Canadians who like Trump and are glad that he was elected. They share his views and ideologies, and I'm scared about what ideas him winning might ignite over here. I'm worried that people will get ideas. I'm worried that Trudeau is going to lose the next election to someone as bad as Trump. There are many conservatives over here who support his views, and I just hope none of them ever become Prime Minister. Not to mention the growing population of refugees we're taking in. I'm worried for them and any ideas people may get from how Donald thinks of Muslims. I don't know if these fears are rational, or if I'm just overthinking it as a result of growing up in a pretty conservative neighbourhood, but I'm still worried.

Thirdly, the American economy has a big impact on Canada, and our dollar is not doing too good at the moment. If Trump messes everything up (I wouldn't be surprised), it's going to all be a mess.


Fifth, 11,000 people voted for that dead gorilla and it infuriates me to no end.

Basically, I'm anxious right now and I hope everyone stays safe. Sorry for the politicalness of all this. I'll go back to bookish things soon.