First Post of 2018 and It's Mid-March

Wednesday, 21 March 2018
Hey guys!

Yeah lol we're almost at April and I haven't blogged yet this year (no judgements please). I've been busy, and stressed and when that happens my blogging suffers. I'm truly sorry.

I don't really know why I'm doing this, but I guess I'll post a bit of my writing because I just need a create outlet, and as I've proven over the past three and a half years: This is my blog and I'm going to do what I want with it.

So without further ado, enjoy! (Also sorry for typos and the like. Whoops.)

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

The air inside the club was stuffy and humid that night. It reeked of cheap perfume and alcohol — he’d drunk way too much already, and now he felt dizzy and lightheaded. He was on the verge of either throwing up or passing out.
“Christ,” he cursed. Luke couldn’t remember much of his night, but he remembered her.
Lucy Sky had long wavy marmalade-coloured hair, psychedelic neon eyes, and full tangerine lips. She’d given him a “magical diamond pill” as she’d called it. The sun in her eyes had shined bright as she giggled while he’d swallowed it.
Luke remembered the light and bright voice that whispered in his ear, “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” Then she’d gone off to some unknown place.
He couldn’t remember how long ago that was. The friends he’d come with had abandoned him by that point, leaving him lonely. He wished she’d come back already.
He didn’t usually go clubbing, but that night his friends had coerced him into coming along. They said it would be fun.
They were wrong — at least until he saw her. The cellophane flowers in her hair seemed to change colours the more he stared at them. Her kaleidoscope eyes captivated his attention like no other — he’d never seen anything like them. Her voice was like a siren song as she’d said, “Hi. I’m Lucy Sky.”
Everything else about their encounter was a bit hazy, and the euphoria he’d felt with her was fleeting now that she was gone.
He was fiddling with his fingers by that point, his breathing getting heavier by the minute. Butterflies erupted from his stomach, swarming around him. The room was shaking — or maybe he was shaking, he couldn’t tell. Venus flytraps grew from the floor, trying to eat him. A butterfly landed on one, and it snapped the poor thing right up.
It was bright, like someone had turned up the saturation in the room. He dove under the bar, trying to escape the man-eating plants.
“What are you doing?” asked the bartender. The man’s head was spinning — everyone’s heads were spinning. He needed to find that girl to keep her safe from the ever growing Venus flytraps. They’d begun to eat the other clubgoers.
“Don’t you see the massive Venus flytraps? I’m trying not to get eaten alive!” Luke screamed. The bartender just gave him a strange look.
That’s when the bartender’s eyeballs fell out.
“Lucy! Where are you Lucy Sky?” Luke shouted, urgency lining his voice. He got up from under the bar and ran towards the exit. “Lucy!” he tried again to no avail. Where was she?
In his haste, he tripped on a Venus flytrap’s leg, and it immediately turned its attention to him. The flower roared in anger and began to snap away, trying to eat him whole. It only made him run faster.
“Lucy Sky!” he yelled.
He ran faster and faster towards the door, until he bumped into something.
Or rather someone.
“Lucy!” he nearly cried when he saw her, safe and laughing.
“You’re high as the sky!” she exclaimed. “No. Higher than the sky!” Her kaleidoscope eyes were spinning. There were skies in her eyes, and within them, diamonds that shone too bright. Lucy Sky was utterly magnificent.
She was still laughing as Luke felt someone shake him, almost as if they were trying to wake him up. “Dude, are you alright? You were tripping hard as fuck last night. Next time, save some for the rest of us.” It was one of his friends who’d abandoned him earlier.
“Not now. We have to get out of here before —”
But the carnivorous plants were gone. The room had gone back to normal.
Actually, he wasn’t even in the club anymore. He was on his friend’s couch, a thick blanket covering him. “I didn’t want to leave you alone last night. I was worried you might do something irrational like accidentally get yourself killed.”
“Where’s Lucy?” Luke asked his friend.
“Who’s Lucy?” his friend replied.
“Lucy. Lucy Sky, the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes and the magical diamond pill,” he explained.
“Yeah, you were experiencing some weird ass hallucinations last night. She was probably one of them.”
Luke could still hear her laugh though, the laugh that would linger from now on wherever he went.

“Lucy, where are you?”

Okay well I hope you enjoyed that!!