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Hello there! I'm Liran and I'm the blogger here at Empress of Books.

If you are a publisher, an author, or anything like that and you would like to contact me for reviews or anything else, please fill out the contact form to your right on the sidebar. Please include the following things:
  • Your Name
  • Contact Info/Email
  • Title(s) of the Book(s) and/or the Publishing House
  • Summary of the Book(s) (if applicable)
  • Author(s) of the Book(s) and their website/blog (if applicable)
  • Genre(s) (if applicable)
  • Publication Date(s) (if applicable)
  • Format (if applicable) 
That said, I do have a review policy that you should read first.

My Review Policy
  1. I am not required to accept every book that comes my way and/or review it. (Should I have been the one doing the requesting, that's a different story.)
  2. Reviews for ARCs/any book that has not come out yet will most likely be posted to my blog before/on the day of the book's release, spoiler-free. If not by then, it will most likely be up within the first month of the book's release. I will email you back with the link for my review when it is posted.
  3. If the book is already released, then a review will most likely be up within one month of me receiving it.
  4. If for some reason I cannot finish the book, I will try to pitch it to someone else and possibly get them to do a guest blog so that the book still get featured. Also, I will likely contact you if my rating is anything lower than three stars but do know that this is a luxury, not an obligation meaning I do not owe you the email!
  5. All opinions are my own, so please note that just because I didn't like a book does not mean that I won't try to recommend it at all. Instead, I'll try to recommend it to people who liked another book or movie/TV show that is similar to your book.
  6. If you would like me to do a read along for the book, participate in a blog tour, do an interview, cover reveal, giveaway, and/or guest post, be sure to mention that in the email as well, or else I will just review the book.
  7. I'm also fine with electronic ARCs/ebooks and audiobooks and not just physical copies and such however, I am more likely to read physical ARCs.
  8. I am not accepting self-published books at this time if you're wondering (unless I have previously read and enjoyed your work). However, smaller/indie publishers may still be considered. Also, disregard this if you are a publisher I have previously worked with.
  9. If you would like for me to review a book in a series that is not the first, be sure to inquire as to whether or not I have read the previous book(s). If not, please send me all the previous book(s) in the series or I am less likely to read the book.
  10. Again, I reserve the right to not review the book.
***Also note that I am not a professional reviewer, however, I do love to read (in case you couldn't tell) and know a thing or two about what makes for a good book. For an idea as to what my review may look like, please check out one of my previous reviews, all of which you can find listed on the Reviews page.***

***Review will also be posted on Goodreads.***

What I do not accept (so please do not ask me in the first place):

1. Non-fiction
2. Erotica
3. Self-Help
4. Religious/Political
5. Picture Books
6. Any book below Middle-Grade

Those genres are ones that I'm not too interested in, but any other genre should be good with me.

That's pretty much it for my review policy, but to sum it all up, I'll feature the book in my blog with a spoiler-free review, so do be sure to contact me for any inquires. I'll email you back a link to my review once it is posted. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at the same address. I'll be more than willing to answer them.

For other people like fellow bloggers, readers, book lovers, etc, you can always leave a comment on a post, talk to me on Twitter @EmpressLiran, chat with me on Instagram @empressofbooks, use the contact form in the sidebar, or email me at the same email address as well.

Okay, I think that's it. I hope to hear from you soon!

- Liran

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